Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4 July 2012 - Heart - Alone

The late 70's band Heart made a comeback in the mid-80's, which included this power ballad.  They showed that they still had chops.

They also did it with someone else's song.  The song was originally recorded by i-Ten, who wrote it, and was previously covered by John Stamos.  This version was far and away the most popular version, but it was very faithful to the original, right down to the piano and harmonies. However, Ann Wilson's vocal really makes the song - she truly belts the song and shows her anguish.

It ended up being Heart's biggest hit of their entire career, making it to #1 worldwide, including spending three weeks there in the US.

As a bonus, here are the Wilson sisters performing the song in an acoustic setting.  They still got it.

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