Tuesday, July 10, 2012

10 July 2012 - The Sugarcubes - Motorcycle Mama

When I was a DJ at WSBU, St. Bonaventure University's radio station, there was a CD sampler from Rubaiyat, the Elektra Records 40th Anniversary tribute album.

On that CD, there was a handwritten note.  "Don't Play Motorcycle Mama!"  There might have been an expletive scrawled in there somewhere.

That's like a dare.  Became a staple of my shows.  And I got a lot of angry calls about it, mostly from late night program director Jonathan Falls, who wrote the note.  He did NOT like this tune.  I think the CD ultimately disappeared, which was OK, because I had my own copy of Rubaiyat.

I do.  First of all, I clearly am a fan of covers.  I mean, c'mon, I made this blog.  Second of all, I really liked The Sugarcubes, featuring the unique Björk (before she wore a swan costume) and the equally unique Einar Örn in harmony, were an Icelandic supergroup if there ever was one.  This song was originally performed by boring 70's AM Radio Mellow Gold staples Sailcat, and it was a laid-back tribute to rebellion.  The Sugarcubes made it both peppier and angrier at the same time (even if they didn't entirely understand all the words they were singing).

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