Tuesday, June 5, 2012

5 June 2012 - The Breeders - Lord of the Thighs

The Breeders started life off as something of a supergroup, featuring Kim Deal from the Pixies, Josephine Wiggs from The Perfect Disaster, and Tanya Donnelly from Throwing Muses.  Naturally, I was interested.  The lineup morphed somewhat - Tanya left to form Belly, Kim's twin sister Kelley joined the band - but they still stayed compelling.

Featuring a rare Jo Wiggs vocal, I always thought this version captured the cool spirit of Aerosmith as only The Breeders could.  Frankly, I can only picture Jo Wiggs singing this, and not Kim Deal.  Or even Steven Tyler, for that matter.  Jo's vocal is much cooler and less harsh than the original, itself an excellent tune.

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