Monday, June 18, 2012

18 June 2012 - Ane Brun - Jóga

A few years ago I was looking for something new to listen to while I was at work (this was when still existed as a streaming music site). I asked a few Lala friends with similar tastes for some suggestions. As expected, I got some interesting, and some not so interesting suggestions, but the "big win" that day was discovering Norway's Ane Brun. Of course I picked up her records. How could I not? That voice is so incredible.

So that brings us to today. I had no idea what to post but for some reason had Ane Brun on my mind. I wondered if she had done any interesting covers and a simple YouTube search turned up this stunning performance from the 2010 Polar Music Prize Ceremony in Stockholm (Björk who originally did the song was one of the year's prize winners). Brun later said about the performance, “I’ve never been so nervous. It felt like my heart was leaping out of my chest...I couldn’t look at her until I was done.” (From an interview on wearsthetrousers, February 24th, 2012).

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