Monday, April 27, 2020

27 April 2020 - A Brazilian "Stay" Special

Today on Wicked Guilty Pleasures, we feature the Oingo Boingo song, "Stay".  This song was not a huge hit in the United States... but it WAS in Brazil, where it was used in a telenovela named Top Model.

So, this is a song Brazilian artists want to cover.

Take Tallene, from São Paulo .  This one departs wildly from the sound of the original - making the sweet rock song into a metal anthem.  They also seem to be interested in making a video that's more than a performance piece - but that ran into a snag.

Paradox decided to go a little more traditional in their reading.  Paradox are a band from Novo Hamburgo, in Brazil - and they do admirable job covering this song.


Not to be outdone, Tonantes Verdes Fritos have a cover of their own.  Hailing from Ribeirão Preto, I think, this faster tempo version accomplishes something even Danny Elfman couldn't - proper annunciation of the lyrics.  Or did you think it was a cat show with prizes at the door, like I did for years?

Let's flip it a little bit.  Here's Rock'n Coaster, from São Paulo, with a female singing the song.  It gives the song a slightly different feel, doesn't it?

Hot Rocks is also from São Paulo, and they bring this post full circle - back to the party band vibe that Oingo Boingo brought in the first place.

However, you know us.  We hate leaving perfect circles.  Liga Joe, from Goiânia, also have a cover of this song - and it's less party and more straight-ahead power rock.   It's different, but still valid...... and they capture the orginal's outro really well!

The song is just a well known song in Brazil.  This performance by Vintage Cult illustrates that well - the crowd is singing along!


You got this far.  Now go listen to the original on Wicked Guilty Pleasures.

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