Friday, April 10, 2020

10 April 2020 - Fine, it's Pink ft. Platonic Scale - Teen Spirit (Dreaming of Nirvana) | Fine, it's Pink - This Feeling

I've been a fan of Fine, It's Pink for years.  They've gone back and forth between original music and covers throughout their career.   Although they're Romanian, they primarily record in English - and have a unique, ethereal-but-heavy song not unlike the feel of early Cocteau Twins. 

Ioana Lefter isn't Kurt Cobain, and that's OK - a Nirvana impersonation doesn't do this song justice.  The band teamed with Victor Mihailescu (Platonic Scale) to give the song a darker, modern feel. 

Now that we are in the middle of a pandemic, even in Romania, the band is separated.  That doesn't mean they aren't making new music.....    This is a cover of the Alabama Shakes song "This Feeling" that the band recorded in multiple locations, separated, and released to their Facebook page - please give them a like. 

This might be my favorite song of the moment - both in its original version and this cover.  I think the lyrics nicely capture what a lot of us are feeling right now. 

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