Monday, December 16, 2013

16 December 2013 - The Swans - Love Will Tear Us Apart

So my laptop pretty much died last week. I was able to save most of my work files, my photos and some music (I should have saved WAY more music). In the mad rush to burn as many files onto DVD before the battery died, I somehow managed to forget my two most important reference documents: the list of my entire record/cd collection and most relevant to this site, Wicked Guilty Pleasures and Your New Favorite Song, my lists of all the videos we've posted, which also included about 20 potential covers for this site. Great. Right now, this Joy Division cover by The Swans is pretty much the only potential post I can remember. The Swans initially released "Love" as a 12" single and it eventually appeared on their Various Failures double disc compilation of their "not so best moments." I don't know, I kind of like it.

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