Thursday, December 19, 2013

19 December 2013 - Demarest - Heart of Gold

One of the biggest mysteries of the later part of 2013 is, who is singing this haunting cover of "Heart of Gold" over the trailer for Out of the Furnace? Well, according to iTunes, it's Demarest.

It is quiet and hauntingly beautiful.  The raw emotion of the original, which was almost sweet in its sound, is amplified by the ache in this lilting, other-wordly voice.

But, gee..... I know that voice.

Where have I heard that voice?

It's distinctive.  Where did I hear that voice?

Oh.  Right.  Yesterday on Wicked Guilty Pleasures

I have only circumstantial evidence to suggest that Sarah Barthel is actually Demarest.  From what I can see, she has NOT said so.  However.....                    
  1. user alin1 lists Sarah's full name as Sarah Demarest Barthel.  There are other references to that as full name as well.
  2. Most of Phanotgram's music are published under the Charlie Everywhere imprint, but some is also published under the Demarest Barthel imprint.
So... circumstantial.  But now go to this song and tell me you don't agree.


  1. Sarah confirmed to me after a concert that she did the Heart of Gold cover. Not sure why she had to record it under another name, though.

    1. We're glad that we finally have this confirmation.

      Her voice was distinctive enough that it was readily apparent.


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