Monday, December 18, 2023

18 December 2023 - Rolling Quartz x AleXa - Pink Drop

I'm not going to lie.  Today's feature was SUPPOSED to be the other blog.

As part of my process, I look for live performances of the featured song.  And, I found one.  I was looking for a second and I found a full performace by the band.... which I decided to watch.

This mashup cover of "Pink Venom" by BLACKPINK and "MIC Drop" by BTS was featured in that performance.   It blew me away.  

So, I started looking for the cover individually.... and I found it.... not realizing that it was not just a live thing, but something the band ACTUALLY did, with AleXa coming in to share vocals with Jayoung.  AleXa is a Korean-based performer from (checks notes) Oklahoma, and is best known as the winner of the NBC competition series American Song Contest.

Of course, AleXa has her own career and can't tour with Rolling Quartz all the time, despite being unofficially called the band's 6th member.  Jayoung, however, is perfectly capable of shouldering the vocals herself.

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