Friday, September 29, 2023

29 September 2023 - Reba McEntire - Fancy (with a Kelly Clarkson bonus)

You didn't know Reba's biggest hit was a cover, did you?

It is.  Of a Bobbie Gentry classic..... but Reba made it an even bigger hit.

Reba was finally able to record the song in 1990, six years after she first proposed to her producer that she do so..... but her producer was too afraid of being overshadowed by the ghost of Bobbie Gentry.  Well, she changed producers, and finally got her wish.  She was right, by the way.  

This version of the song was a top 10 country hit - one of Reba's biggest and certainly her most enduring hit song to this day - and a dance remix even made a small splash in the clubs.  

It was a rare modern country song that I enjoyed - and at the time of its release, I didn't know it was a cover, either.  Actually, that explains a lot.  

Plus, the video tells a story.

So, what does Bobbie Gentry think of Reba McEntire's version?

No one knows.  Gentry completely disappeared after the 1982 ACM awards - just prior to Reba's rise.  They never crossed paths.  They've never met.  They've never spoken.  Reba's tried.  Bobbie's cashed the royalty checks, so she can't be too upset.... but it's strange.  Gentry owes Reba nothing.... but wouldn't it be nice?

Reba HAS performed the song with Kelly Clarkson, though.  And it was damn good.

Of course, Kelly Clarkson is perfectly capable of performing the song herself....

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