Friday, December 31, 2021

31 December 2021 - Lights - Believe

Also, we're ending 2021 here with an uplighting Cher cover.  

By Lights.  

You see, if you look at Wicked Guilty Pleasures since March - and by the way, March over there was epic with a capital Eh - you'll see it's been dominated by not one but TWO artists - one of whom I had no knowledge of before February and was the subject of a post I made here an hour or so ago...

...and one who I had known about for years and because of this song, I had a blind spot for.  I mean, it was over-autotuned by a solo artist who was clearly trying to make it look like she was a full band (an assumption on which I was wrong). I still don't like her first album so much, but it's growing on me a little.  

So, March came, and I felt like I needed to include Lights in there somewhere.  I mean, Canadian, pop artist - fit the theme.  So, I started hunting through her catalog. SURELY, there had to be something that I'd like.   Everybody has one.  

When I first had asparagus, it was canned asparagus.  It tasted funny and it was really mushy, so I didn't come back to it for years.  Then, my girlfriend, later wife, introduced me to grilled asparagus, which was so much better and now, I love asparagus and it's probably my favorite vegetable. Although not my favorite way to have it, I can deal with canned asparagus better.  

"Saviour" and, for that matter, the whole The Listening album, is canned asparagus.  Siberia - her 2nd album - is grilled asparagus.  It's one of a few that I can listen to end to end without a skip, repeatedly - those who know me well know there's about a half dozen albums that get that high praise.  

So, yeah, I found something I liked.  I found a lot to like in 2021.  I discovered two not-new albums that are now among my favorites ever - Siberia being one of them (this post talks about the other) and admittedly the better one (special message for Scott - maybe better than House Tornado. Maybe. Hard for me to admit that. But it's close). I discovered a deep catalog with a LOT of collaborations that I'll be enjoying for years to come.  

Which brings me back to this Cher cover. It's fantastic. It's raw. Lights speaks directly to her haters with this one.  Enjoy it, and enjoy your 2022.

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