Monday, August 10, 2020

10 August 2020 - Charlotte Hervieux & Doryan Ben - Into The Unknown

It feels weird to call this a cover, but it is.  Let me explain.

Clearly, Doryan Ben is a man, so he did not play Elsa in Frozen 2, so he's not an original artist, and not commissioned by Disney to perform the song.    The same CANNOT be said of Charlotte Hervieux, who sang for Elsa in both the Quebec and European French versions of the movie (and did the spoken word parts in the European version as well).  

She did not, however, originally sing it in English.  So, although we are doing this on the same day we did THIS on Wicked Guilty Pleasures - including Charlotte's French version of the song - we thought it was more appropriate to put this version here.

And it's brilliantly done.

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