Thursday, December 28, 2017

28 December 2017 - Jennifer Ellison - Baby I Don't Care

If you are reading this from the UK, it's a pretty good bet that you already know who both Jennifer Ellison is.  You know that Jennifer won Hell's Kitchen.  You might even know her from Dance Mums or her turn in the film version of The Phantom of the Opera.  Or, maybe you are a fan of Brookside and know her from there.

You are probably also familiar with Transvision Vamp, if you are in the UK. Led by Wendy James, the pop/punk/rock group were never all that successful in the US, but did have modest success elsewhere.  This song, in a punkier version, was their biggest hit in 1989, peaking at #3 on the UK Singles charts.  This version made it all the way to #6 in 2003, proving that the song itself - an anthem about showing, not telling, one's love for another - was compelling.  Sure, Jennifer Ellison is no Wendy James, but she clearly has fun with a fun song, and it shows. 

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