Monday, March 3, 2014

3 March 2014 - Luke Bryan - Bad Romance

Totally Covered is back baby after a 10-day break. I probably created more cobwebs in the ol' noggin' than I cleared out with my week in Punta Cana, so I assure you that I'll be as mediocre as ever while continuing to present y'all with some fun covers (remember it's all about the music). So as I stare out my window this morning at the snow falling down, knowing that in a few hours I'll be shoveling (a far cry from the beach, palm trees and swim-up bar that I had grown accustomed) there's only one thing that can pick me up...Luke Bryan covering Lady Gaga's Bad Romance!

*please note you get a snippet of Poison's Nothin' But A Good Time before Bad Romance starts.

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