Thursday, August 29, 2013

29 August 2013 - Hannah Trigwell - Wide Awake & Want U Back (Boyce Avenue feat. Hannah Trigwell)

The YouTube Artist Series returns today with a pair by a young woman from Leeds.  Whereas in the past, we have featured a lot of electronics and some looping in this category..... well, today, this is completely acoustic.

Thanks to the magic of YouTube, this onetime street musician has a chance to find a bigger audience than a Leeds street corner.

Let's open with a straight reading of Katy Perry's #2 hit from 2012 and the closing credits of Part of Me.  The song is a little stark in arrangement - slight percussion courtesy of Daniel from Boyce Avenue, but mostly Hannah and her guitar - but spot on.

Of course, this week would be incomplete if we didn't include some sort of Cher Lloyd hook. Her biggest hit (which we featured over on WGP some time ago) is re-imagined (and in several spots, re-lyriced) to be a duet (again with Boyce Avenue).... and one that is far more melancholy than the original.

I encourage you to check out her original music over on iTunes, as well as her official website.  She's really solid, and it's good to support small artists like Hannah Trigwell.  Also, here's a little unbilled bonus for you - her cover of "Electric Feel", a song that we've seen at least twice before on this little blog - once by Katy Perry, a cover that this version seems to emulate.

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