Thursday, December 13, 2012

13 December 2012 - Dandy Warhols - Cherry Bomb

I am not sure if this is an official video or not.  I kind of think it is, but rather just someone who found this song cool and found themselves in Minneapolis.

At any rate, this is a strange cover - a song that is clearly written for a strong woman, sung by a man.  The slackertastic sound of the Dandy Warhols is in stark contrast to the in-your-face rock of The Runaways.... and yet, this cover still works.

Long time readers of this blog know that this isn't the first time we've heard a cover of it.  It's a song that endures, and it's one of my favorites of all time, even in its original form.  I hope you enjoy this version as much as I did.


  1. Nope, not the official video. It's part of a series of performances.

    1. Thank you for that information. What fun.

      Of course, now the video is private....


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