Tuesday, November 13, 2012

13 November 2012 - Mary Lou Lord w/ Semisonic - Sugar Sugar

I have long been a fan of Mary Lou Lord.  So, today, I had intended to post a song of hers - a cover of a Pink Floyd song that she did.  Well, I haven't yet found a good enough version of that to post, but I did get a search result that intrigued me, mostly because I featured the original on Wicked Guilty Pleasures yesterday. I was familiar with the cover, but had forgotten about it!

Let's look at this version on its own merits. Mary Lou, a guitarist who got her start as a street musician, was smart enough to realize she needed a backing band for this very rich song, for whom she recruited the excellent Semisonic.  That made for an excellent, full sound that throws back to the late 60's while keeping modern harmonies.

Also, Mary Lou Lord is less Archie Andrews and more Betty Cooper on this song. Nevertheless, the lyrics still work.

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