Friday, April 20, 2012

20 April 2012 - Laura Cantrell - When The Roses Bloom Again

I first heard Laura Cantrell on an episode of my favorite radio show, Mountain Stage. It airs on Sundays on most NPR stations - please check out where to catch it in your area.  Laura herself actually hosted a old-time music show in New Jersey - WFMU was the station, I think.  She doesn't anymore - she makes old-time music.

This song, as she told the story on Mountain Stage, was found in some New York City archives by Laura and members of the band Wilco.  It was originally thought to be a Woody Guthrie song, at least by them.  It ended up being a song written by Carter family member A.P. Carter, but it is still a gem.   This arrangement was done by Wilco, but no one sings the song better than Ms. Cantrell.  This performance is from a 2004 BBC broadcast. Enjoy it.

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