Friday, December 8, 2023

8 December 2023 - RAC ft. Pink Feathers - Dangerous / Big Data ft. Lizy Ryan - Let Go

Lately, I've been buying more vinyl records than I used to - which prompted Courtney to ask me why.  I blamed the bad influence of Scott Colvin.

Anyway, the latest purchase was a double-A side split single by Big Data and RAC, where they cover each other's songs.  So, yes, this song was originally done by Big Data (with Rochester, NY band Joywave as guests).  RAC brought Boston-based performer Liz Derstein, who goes by Pink Feathers when performing non-classical music, along for the vocals.  

I put this first because 1) the original is one of my favorite songs of the moment 2) I liked it better than the other side.  

The other side is Big Data covering the best-known song by RAC, with Lizy Ryan - who is a frequent live stand-in for Daniel Armbruster on "Dangerous" already - stands in for MNDR and Kele on the vocals.

I liked the other side better, but this is still really good.  And yes, the original is also one of my favorite songs.  

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