Friday, July 14, 2023

14 July 2023 - The Linda Lindas - Big Mouth

The Linda Lindas are a band that was started on kind a whim in a backyard, and grew into a pretty solid punk band.

This performance, recorded as a benefit, occured in 2021.  The band members ranged from ages 11 to 17 at the time.  To hear The Muffs played so credibly and with such passion by such a young band is impressive. This performance came soon after the release of the Amy Poehler movie Moxie!, in which the band appears and performs a couple of songs, including this one.  

So, I was impressed with their age until I found this performance of the same song from two years earlier - in 2019, a little more than a year into the band.  Do the math (band members were aged 8 to 14 at its inception). Their parents are raising them right.  

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