Thursday, December 31, 2020

31 December 2020 - A "Heroes" Special

For many people, this David Bowie classic is seen as his greatest song.  It is a song that is seen as a catalyst for the reunification of Germany in the late 1980's - as it was heard on both sides and enjoyed together as he performed it live in 1987. It's been heard a lot in 2020 as well, for obvious reasons.

The inspirational message and history of the song has made it a favorite of many musicians.  This is pioneering metal band Motörhead performing the song.  It was a longtime favorite of theirs, and they do a great and strong version.

Next up we have Canadian folk group and Wicked Guilty favorite The East Pointers.  They recorded this take on a day off in their native PEI.  Hearing this song with a banjo accompaniment is something to behold.

In a similar folky vein, here is New Zealand legend Neil Finn - of Crowded House - performing the Bowie classic in his daily show, where he takes requests on his periodic show Fangradio.  It's delightful, and he does Bowie proud here.

Our next stop is at a performance in France by Bloc Party. Kele, much like Bowie, is an underappreciated vocalist who does this song proud.  

I wanted this to be our final stop.  When I saw David Bowie in 1991, Adrian Belew was his guitarist (and in fact, they had a released single together at the time - "Pretty Pink Rose" - which was fabulous in its own right).  This duet with Martha Wainright (daughter of Loudon, sister of Rufus, excellent musician in her own right) is both an off-kilter and at the same time fitting tribute to what is arguably Bowie's most beautiful song.  

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