Friday, March 21, 2014

21 March 2014 - Dixie Chicks - Wrecking Ball

This live video of the Dixie Chicks playing Wrecking Ball last week in London found its way onto my Twitter feed yesterday and I knew I had to post it here before all of the other country blogs do and I end up looking like the copy-cat fraud that I usually am. First off, this is one of the finest covers of Wrecking Ball that I've heard (and I've heard a ton). Second, it's also no surprise as the Dixie Chicks can pretty much play any song and it will sound awesome. I like how they left their own subtle stamp on Miley's mega-hit while still staying pretty true to the original. I really do hope the Dixie Chicks tour the U.S. again. It's been years since "the unpleasantness." Don't you think it's time for country fans to forgive them, if they haven't already?

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