Wednesday, February 12, 2014

12 February 2014 - Steve Earle - Pancho and Lefty

I almost never sign up for online contests, but I'm thinking I should do so more often. A couple weeks ago I entered a Facebook contest through our local concert venue to see the one and only Steve Earle. On Saturday, an email hit my inbox informing me that I had won (of course I did, why else would I be talking about this?). I was pretty psyched because I had previously decided to sit this one out after seeing him a couple times in the last few years (plus, I also thought it might be a good idea to save the $90 I would have spent for tickets, drinks and of course a cab ride home). Needless to say the show was awesome. I'm pretty sure he didn't play this Townes Van Zandt cover last night (long set and a couple pitchers of beer makes for a fuzzy night), but here he is playing Pancho and Lefty at the greatest record store ever Amoeba Music (I think this video was recorded at the Hollywood location).

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