Wednesday, August 21, 2013

21 August 2013 - Arctic Monkeys - Red Right Hand

Shameful admission: I just started to get into the Arctic Monkeys a few weeks ago. Welcome to 2007 Scott. Maybe next I should check out a hot new band like Vampire Weekend. Despite my occasional lack of indie cool, I know a great cover when I hear one. I found this Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds cover last week when I posted the Arctic Monkey's latest video at Your New Favorite Song. I really like this rockin' version Red Right Hand a lot, even though it's obviously not as menacing as Cave's original.


  1. Knowing my love of a good cover and my love of The Bad Seeds, a friend of mine who has been an Arctic Monkeys fan used this to bait me into listening to them.

    I definitely agree with your appraisal of it. Sure it lacks the atmosphere and depth of the original, but for some reason it's damn good just fun and is probably the only version of this song I can put on my jogging playlist and actually run to. Additionally, it's their own take on it, something a lot of other covers of 'Red Right Hand' have failed to do. I tend to appreciate a cover a little more when it's clearly the cover artist's own take, more so if they manage to subvert the meaning (such as Jack Off Jill's angry rendition of The Cure's 'Lovesong' which transformed it from a vow to a longtime lover to an angry acknowledgement of residual feelings for an ex.)

    1. Thinking about the above comment from ClockworkDragonfly: that may be the most coherent thing ever written on this blog. LOL.

  2. I hope not. I wrote it from a phone and the many resultant typos are killing me.


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