Tuesday, July 9, 2013

9 July 2013 - Josie Charlwood - Electric Feel

It was time for YouTube Artist Series #2.  I chose young UK singer/songwriter Josie Charlwood, who combined three of my current favorite things into a great package:

1. Looping, which allows a solo artist so much depth.
2. "Electric Feel", one of my favorite songs.
3. Picture-in-picture technology, which gives you a little glimpse as to how all the magic happens.

Josie's voice is near pixie-like, but still shows a proper amount of power to keep up with the song.  Plus, she doesn't just do simple looping here - she mixes up the tracks and harmonizes with herself brilliantly.  I'm simply in awe.

Please go check out Josie's Bandcamp page and support her and artists like her, who are doing innovative musical stuff, often with little support.


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