Friday, April 12, 2013

12 April 2013 - Motorhead - God Save The Queen

(Note: this is going to be yet another "how I got inspired post"...I promise it won't be too long...or boring)

I was walking through the house this morning in the "afterglow" of a 4-mile run on the treadmill. Feeling "good" (more like relieved), I started to sing. Oh did I sing. 'Twas a glorious lounge lizard version of Anarchy in the UK by the Sex Pistols.

That ridiculous moment of course got me thinking about craptacular covers of the quintessential Sex Pistols song. All I could really find were the versions by Megadeth and Motley Crue. But everyone knows that those versions suck (mind you I said their versions, not the bands themselves). Mercifully, I decided not to subject y'all to that mess and instead opted for a killer Pistols' cover. So here are the kings of metal playing God Save The Queen.

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