Wednesday, March 20, 2013

20 March 2013 - Madi Diaz - Straight Up

Me and Madi at the Ram's Head merch table.
I got into Madi Diaz's music kind of on a whim a little over a year ago when her Plastic Moon record came out. I had heard great things about her (and the price was right) so I gave it a shot and bought the download from Amazon (yes, I still pay for my music). Of course I thought the record was fantastic (I know it's shocking, me getting into another singer/songwriter who also happens to be a woman). A couple months later (actually, it was a year ago next week), I got to see her open for Rachel Yamagata. It was a tremendous show which made me an even bigger fan of hers. I seem to remember her playing this surprisingly cool Paul Abdul cover that night. Check it out!

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