Thursday, August 9, 2012

9 Aug 2012 (part 3) (!) - Karmin - We R Who We R / Misery / Somebody That I Used To Know

While I am a fan of Ke-DollarSign-Ha, I recognize that she isn't Puccini.  The greatness of the original version of this song is its simplicity and raw energy.  Karmin takes that song and makes it simpler, more stripped down, and.... well, almost artistic.  

It's important to note that Karmin are quite openly clean in their music.  There is a lyric changed in this song to make it more... well, family-friendly.

But not only can Amy and Nick handle the Queen of Autotune, they can take on a straight ahead rock song by a judge on The Voice and his band..... I am a big fan of duos, especially ones that can make you feel like you're hearing a full band with their multiinstrumental talents and harmonies, both on display here.

OK.  Last one (unless they cover this sometime).  This song was featured in its original version on Wicked Guilty Pleasures. I have to be honest: I didn't think this song would work as well without the xylophone or Kimbra's huge vocal... and I wasn't completely wrong - not that this cover doesn't work (because it does), but because it becomes a different song with Amy's vocal, which is differently huge than Kimbra's.

Also, note that Nick can sing, too.

One that I won't promise: that I will never do a Part IV.  But I think I'm done for now.

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