Thursday, July 19, 2012

19 July 2012 - Sixpence None The Richer - Don't Dream It's Over / There She Goes

True story - I saw Sixpence None The Richer opening for a Natalie-free 10,000 Maniacs at St. Bonaventure University in 1994.  This was years before they had any hits - they were just a little Christian rock band.  I enjoyed them an awful lot, and was really happy to see that they became big hitmakers.

Yes, I do have a signed copy of their first CD.  Why do you ask?

This song is a cover of a classic done originally by Crowded House.  The original is, to my knowledge, the only hit song to ever use the words "deluge" and "obliteration".  The cover is brighter and sublime - Leigh Nash captures the feel of the song well, without sounding morose.

I always thought this second song was an odd choice for cover.  After all, it was written for a man, and for that matter, a two-part harmony.   However, this version ended up being a bigger hit than the original, and still kept the earnest sweetness of The La's.  That earnest sweetness comes naturally to Sixpence None The Richer, actually.....

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