Sunday, April 15, 2012

15 April 2012 - Ciccone Youth - Addicted To Love

Ciccone Youth were really a side project for Sonic Youth to do with Mike Watt, formerly of The Minutemen. The rumor is that Ciccone Youth were formed to help Mike Watt recover from the death of bandmate and best friend d. Boon, but we'll never know if that's true.

Their only album - The Whitey Album - was mostly sonic experimentation, and hard to listen to.  However, there was a Madonna cover by Mr. Watt - Burnin' Up - and one by Thurston Moore - Into The Groove(y).  Both were interesting, but not as interesting as Kim Gordon's foray into a karaoke booth at Macy's, from which she emerged with this classic Robert Palmer cover.

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