Wednesday, November 18, 2020

18 November 2020 - Sam Phillips - Holding On To The Earth

Today, we are doing something very different than we have ever done before.  

We are posting the same song by the same artist on Wicked Guilty Pleasures and Totally Covered.  

We're doing this for three reasons.  First of all, this is a self-cover, and a dramatic, soulful reinterpretation.  It doesn't sound like the same song, and for that reason, it's a cover.  We've called it.  

Second, we wanted you to know that now exists and gets you to this blog.  We are no longer treating this like it's a side project.  We've done that for too long, and frankly, we started this blog because we are excited about covers, so we thought this was a great song to use to launch that.  

To learn the third reason, go here.  

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