Thursday, May 17, 2012

17 May 2012 - Anni B. Sweet - Take On Me / Emil Bulls - Take On Me

Today is Norwegian Constitution Day, Syttende Mai. What better way to celebrate than two covers of the biggest international hit by one of Norway's national treasures?

Our first cover is by Anni B. Sweet, an Andalucian folk singer.  That's a part of Spain, folks.  A beautiful part of Spain, to be clear.  And this version, a live one from French television, is pure and beautiful and simple.  Different than the original - which was synth-poppy - but it works.

There is an official video version of this song, which might or might not play in its embedded version, but I wanted you to hear. It's a little different from the live version, in that it adds ukulele (and uke smashing!) to the mix.


Our second cover is by German metal band Emil Bulls.  Completely different than the original, and also different than the version above.... but it really works.

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